“ASK Gypsum Factory Ltd.” produces Gypsum Powder and “Gypsum Boards – G Board” to move along with the economical growth taking place in the Middle East and the GCC countries in particular.

Our Manufacturing Facilities are located in Yanbu – Saudi Arabia at the front of the Red Sea.

Our stone crusher facilities produces high quality crushed stones that are used for the production of Gypsum products.

Our outstanding Products have become synonymous with the high Quality and expectations that defines this region.

Backed with more than fifty years experience in the industry, we at "ASK Gypsum Factory Ltd." strive to design and manufacture products that meet the highest market requirements by offering products that earn paramount standards and credits toward the sustainable construction practices.

As performers in regional markets, we have attracted over 220 members from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience and skills. Our employees bring ground-breaking and updated techniques to the Gypsum Powder and Gypsum Board industries, combined with an ongoing commitment to improving product and service performances.

We are classified as the largest Manufacturers of Gypsum-based building materials in the region.

We are the largest and full line fabricator and supplier of Gypsum Powder and Gypsum Boards products in the Gulf; with a normal production capacity reaching up to 50 million m2 for Gypsum Board products and in excess of 350,000 tons of Gypsum Powder.

We present a wide range of internal lining solutions in the 'Building Connections for a Sustainable Future' series.   Its production process emphasizes on environmental concerns through the minimization of Gas Emissions and Dust; Waste Elimination; Energy and Water conservation.